• Aftercare


    1.We tend not to think of a tattoo as a wound, but as far as your immune system can tell, it's the same thing as a scratch or scrape.

    2.Leave the tattoo bandaged for at least two hours. This will give the body plenty of time to stop bleeding.

    3.Remove the bandage and wash your hands with antibacterial soap then use your clean hands and warm water to wash your tattoo. Do not use a washrag or sponge.

    4. A shower is the best way to wash your tattoo. With this first shower , the warmer the water the better. The warmer water will open your pores. Simply washing your tattoo with clean hands and the warm water will be enough. Do not soak your tattoo.

    5. After washing your tattoo allow your tattoo to air dry. Do not use a bath towel or paper towels as these can irritate your new tattoo.

    6. As you sleep your tattoo may continue ooze out a little more clear liquid, called plasma. I feel its best to rebandage your tattoo with plastic wrap or a non-adherent (non stick) bandage overnight, this will help keep your tattoo clean and keep it from sticking to you clothes or your sheets.

    7.In the morning remove the plastic wrap or non stick bandage and wash your tattoo. Your new tattoo will may shed a colored sludge when you wash, these are dead skin cells and this is a normal part of healing.

    8.Your tattoo is no longer and open wound and you do not need to rebandage it; however, it is still important to wash your tattoo every day. Keep your tattoo clean and as open to air as possible and avoid tight clothing around the tattoo as this can irritate your new tattoo.

    9.Your tattoo will begin to shed thin flakes of skin similar to a healing sunburn and may have small amounts or minor scabbing.

    10.DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH your tattoo while it is healing, this can pull out color and cause infection.

    11.As the old skin layer sheds off the new skin layer growing in may appear shiny and is not yet transparent this may cause your tattoo to look dull or faded. During this process your tattoo may become dry and feel itchy.

    12.If the Dryness or itch of your healing tattoo becomes too uncomfortable you may choose to moisturize your skin with a plain unscented white hand lotion. It's is best to apply lotion only after you have washed your hands and your tattoo and no more than twice a day.Use a very small amount of lotion then blot it off with a paper towel.

    13.Most tattoos that heal hard do so because the client has used too much ointment or lotion, it clogs those pores and makes big thick scabs.

    14.Your tattoo should heal within four weeks. Avoid swimming and tanning for the first four weeks and if your tattoo is located in an area that is normally shaved avoid shaving that area for four weeks.

    15.Your tattoo may fade slightly after healing. I recommend waiting a minimum of 6 weeks before any touch up work to allow the underlying skin to completely heal.

    16.Tanning beds or exposure to the sun will fade your tattoo. After your tattoo is fully healed use SPF 45 sunblock and lotion everyday to keep it bright and beautiful for many years to come!

    Proper sleep, nutrition and good hygiene along with a daily multivitamin are great ways to keep a strong immune system and this will help your tattoo heal.

    Above all else keep it clean and don't itch it, pick it, or scratch it.